Give 'Em More Rope

by Ghoultown

Intro 00:31
fistful of demons I was born without a face on some forgotten halloween in 13 rusty mason jars my mother buried me in some old shack behind the woods where no one ever goes but a soul don't rest in the devil's arms cuz no one really knows chorus: I got a fistful of demons I got some boots made of lead the grave may cool my rotting bones but it won't cure my head I was horribly disfigured a monster from a whore the minute I saw life she up and slammed the door cut me up in little pieces thought I'd go away but now I'm back you better believe cuz hell has come to pay in the dirty crawlspace underneath the house you opened up your legs to squirt that demon out the dog was lapping madly at the blood stain on the floor dead and buried I was gone but now I'm back for more I've got the frown of a satyr the witnesses they say a little boy who died down there but never went away but you and I know better now don't we mother dear? how can a kid be frownin when he smiles from ear to ear?
dia de los muertos way down south past a ghost town or two where the crack of leather carries a tune I met a girl and we danced in the moonlight before the sunrise she was my bride as marauders and bandits we rode through streets laid to waste the corpse of our dreams we haunted the cities and drank our delight wherever we pleased we lay for the night the summer moon destined to die bonfires bonfires burnin bright chorus: dia de los muertos the autumn moon it came with a moan parades of colors danced with the bones her face grew pale where it was once gold inside my madness she was so cold I turned and rolled my eyes to the white straight through the heart with a bowie knife one second separates man and a beast possession is so strong and I am so weak the autumn moon rose in the sky bonfires bonfires burnin bright is she dead or is it me?
return of the living dead when there's no more room down there in hell anymore old man lucifer's gonna laugh and slam the door leavin us to walk the earth when we die make this place a living hell for those left alive it don't make no difference either way what do you think we're gonna save it don't take no death to end your life when you're born into the grave chorus: return of the living dead I stalk the dark and narrow path and that's for sure between the legs of someone's ill-begotten whore singin all my songs on this broken guitar funeral procession from bar-room to bar it don't make no difference either way what do you think we're gonna save it don't take no death to end your life when you're born into the grave it don't make no difference either way what do you think we're gonna save it don't take no death to end your life when you're born into the grave
Wicked Man 03:48
wicked man shadows are long - sun fallin down it must be an evil that’s brewin all around thoughts on the bullet - eyes holdin still seconds are hours tickin to the kill chorus: you’re a wicked man I shot the hell you down you’re a wicked man your blood is on the ground you’re a wicked man feel the powder burn you’re a wicked man but I’m the devil’s son could you hear the sound - of the trigger’s toll lead speedin thru the air just like a howlin dog hear the widow’s song - gospel good as dead by me there you lie a scarlet riverbed smoke is finally clear - everyone’s a mess now they start to realize just who I really am silent - lonesome moan you thought you were the man but you were f**kin wrong I’m the devil’s son…
dirty sanchez better hide your women cuz he’s ridin into town his hair is dark and his skin is saddle brown he takes to a lady like a tiger by the tail he commands the badlands and he kicks the dusty trail he packs a 45 it’s long and lean and mean he’s got the spit of snuff streamin from his teeth you bet your bottom dollar he’s your backdoor man they call him dirty sanchez if he knocks don’t let him in chorus: dirty sanchez one day in monterrey he met a butcher’s wife she loved chorizo all loaded with spice sanchez nodded once and he slipped into the back like good ol’ lizzy borden gave her 40 f**kin whacks baby baby it’s your lucky day he’ll work you over like an artist works with clay his father was a painter his mother was a whore he had an eye for art but he’s rotten to the core some say a twisted picasso, a don juan he ain’t but he always leaves his mark on his lover’s face zorro used his sword for doing better deeds he freed the poor people by carving out his z’s not dirty sanchez
Hang Me High 04:10
hang me high it was cold late november the witching hour near the wind howled through the gallows tree no one shed a tear I felt the rope around my neck a man the world forgot I knew right then what I had to do so I said goodbye to god I slept in transylvania walked with the undead rode the night with jesse james reveled in my sins I hung with no signs of life yet I still I lived to hell with dyin with regrets the grave it don't forgive chorus: look to the west cross my heart and die remember who I am oh lord when they hang me high hang me high there’s only one chance in this life to do or die is all a thousand ways I might go one’s just as good as them all I dredged up my heartbeat stole one more breath cut the rope around my throat now I cheated death
Smoke Break 01:44
wait until dark two bat wings a raven's tongue seven eyes of newt three dead flies a dirty skull and one old leather boot throw it in a boiling pot and what have you got? chorus: wait until dark four rat tails a reptile heart a salted pair of lips five old bones a spider leg you can't f**kin miss bless it with a witch's hex and what happens next? your name's on the lips of my coven we whisper things you desire bathing our skin in the moonlight in fame, fortune and fire it's painful my love if you want it like cats sing from the heat be careful what it is that you wish for it might not be what you dreamed
man with no name it was in alexandria that I took my first life he had it out for me from the beginning so I carried a knife it was long and shiny like a silvery tooth they say only dead men still tell the truth chorus: trade your pistol for a coffin and crows will dig your grave they say I shot a man for nothin and for you I'll do the same cuz I'm the man with no name I was in dallas texas when I bought my first gun around the time I left home and went on the run they were hot on my heels by the time I turned twenty-five I remember singin 'back in black' when I broke through that line now I travel the western worlds when the desert sun is high with a belly full of iron and a double-barrel full of fire and ice the trail of my cigarette marks the places I've been I'm a man without a home the whisper of the wind
Bloodshot 03:51
bloodshot been drinkin all night my eyes are bloodshot been losin my mind my head is sore nothin else to do when you've done it all and lived to tell been drinkin myself a sea of gold shot after shot but it never grows old join me if you wanna throw your liver right into the fire chorus: bloodshot (you can’t get the blood so don’t even try) bloodshot (shot) been diggin in the earth my hands are raw I been makin love to another girl tryin like hell to find myself an escape I been playin guitar my fingers hurt I've been smokin cigars now my lungs are burned nasty habits keep the demons inside me down been spending my time like dollars in g-strings been burnin my bridges just to feel the heat cross me once and I'll piss right on your grave I'm a killer and all my blood runs cold from texas down to mexico gimme one more drink the sunrise is so far away
draggin' your bones I sleep with one eye open don't let no witchcraft bring me down I move with the wind keep my ear to the ground confess my sins from hell I will turn pull my shades at night and shield myself from the sun shield myself from the sun yeah chorus: I can feel it comin draggin your bones around I swore through my whiskey that I would never be so blind then you came for me draggin all your skulls behind like a vampire you drank my blood I know I'm doomed I can see it in your eyes I can see it in your eyes yeah what haunted things lurk behind your eyes you try to bleed me, drain me, suck me dry I sleep with one eye open watch like a hound from hell dead to the world outside this time I cannot fail there ain't no rest for me with you on the creep stay away and let me rest in peace rest in peace yeah
whipping post in a shadow-black corner of the world in a town far and remote I gave my soul for a promise now I'm damned to walk alone her eyes were the work of an angel her heart was the devil’s design and our blood ran together even angels can lie back where I started this life chorus: on the whipping post in a faded word of a whisper like a ghost by a lonely grave she left me for the promise of another now the blood is stained her face was the work of an angel her love was the devil’s design and she fades forever even devils can die back where I started this life
carry the coffin been out on the road so long that I begin to see traces of the drifters that came before me dogs without a home no chain no leash bones of their masters in their starvin teeth I’m a lost soul a travelin man I play guitar in the devil’s band I smoke and I drink what can I say bury my sins in the old fashioned way chorus: and I’ll carry the coffin all the way I’m haunted by ghosts that don’t let me go like those come from pages of lovecraft and poe my heart it cries for those that I’ve known but I keep on movin the road is my home I’m a lost soul a travelin man I play guitar in the devil’s band I smoke and I drink what can I say? bury my sins the old fashioned way the backs of my brothers I cover when I stand don't trust a vamp she'll f*** you if she can but I keep on movin it's the only way I know up with the fire and on with the show I’m a lost soul a travelin man I play guitar in the devil’s band I smoke and I drink what can I say? bury my sins the old fashioned way


GIVE ‘EM MORE ROPE blends cowpunk, western psychobilly, and rock, delivering it all with a sinister spaghetti western flair. Complete with driving vocals, punk-twang guitars and mariachi-style trumpets, the music is a unique mix which could be compared to an uncharted mix of Johnny Cash, Nick Cave, and Reverend Horton Heat.

GIVE 'EM MORE ROPE has been hailed as the best of Ghoultown's older albums. The album includes several of Ghoultown's most popular songs such as "Fistful of Demons," "Return of the Living Dead," "Dirty Sanchez," and "Carry the Coffin."


released April 26, 2002


all rights reserved



Ghoultown Dallas, Texas

Since 1999, Ghoultown has delivered their unique brand of spaghetti-western infused rock across the musical badlands. Described as an “uncharted crossroads between Johnny Cash and Rob Zombie,” the Texas-based band defies conventional classification with a list of catchy, horror-influenced songs and a distinctive, dark western image to match. ... more

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