Skeleton Cowboys

by Ghoultown



Originally released as a 7-inch vinyl single with "Skeleton Cowboys" on side A and "London Dungeon" on side B. "Hog Trail" was included as a bonus digital download.


released November 1, 2008


all rights reserved



Ghoultown Dallas, Texas

Since 1999, Ghoultown has delivered their unique brand of spaghetti-western infused rock across the musical badlands. Described as an “uncharted crossroads between Johnny Cash and Rob Zombie,” the Texas-based band defies conventional classification with a list of catchy, horror-influenced songs and a distinctive, dark western image to match. ... more

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Track Name: Skeleton Cowboys
Skeleton Cowboys

here we come with our eyes on fire
lookin for some souls to steal
tearin it up from the underground down
got you under our wheels
got a two-headed dog and a rattlesnake charm
nothin left to hold
midnight riders from way out west
stompin with our skulls and bones

eyes on fire
skeleton cowboys

here we come with our smokin guns
lookin for a shot in the dark
revin our engines with the drive in our guts
swoopin down to hit the mark
got a twisted grin like the joker's card
creepin like wolves to the kill
when you see us comin better open up
swallow our bitter pill


bones and skulls and bones and skulls hey
bones and skulls and bones and skulls hey
bones and skulls and bodies and blood yeah
bones and skulls and bones and skulls hey


here we go with our coffers full
takin all that we wanna take
crackin our whips with a dead man's hand
breakin all that we wanna break
sing our song with a fork in the tongue
never gonna let it go
so come with us if you wanna go down
no one really needs a soul

Track Name: Hog Trail
Hog Trail

when the dogs howl at night
and the moon is full and bright
I feel like drinkin me some wine

down by the creek
where you find all the freaks
it’s down to the hog trail tonight

bring yourself a girl
and an ice chest full of Pearl
we’re sure to have a hell of a time

if you don’t mind some mud
or perhaps a little blood
I think we’re really gonna shine

darlin don’t run away
just come back right here beside me
let’s go down where the moon meets the lake
I know there’s this really good place called the hog trail

let’s make it a night
it ain’t no good to fight
let’s just drink some beer and have a good time

maybe if you’re good
we’ll make it back from these woods
when you see the sun start to rise


hog trail

all these flies buzzin buzzin
buzzin all these flies

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