Tales From the Dead West

by Ghoultown

RotoRiculous 02:46
mad machine spinnin worm in a wheel soul in a black hole snake in a peel rotating madhouse strobe on the wall melting mirrors distorting the fall chorus: rotoriculous spinner of death shaken my head and stolen my breath rotoriculous spinner of life you’re a mad machine on a wicked wicked ride rolling backwards on a serpent mile millions of strangers caught in its guile plead the fifth of insanity sinister railway of mockery yeah thrill junkie jive on a permanent fix screams cut like razors to the quick I told you before, you'll never escape it’s a mad machine come and join the race
I’m a cold-blooded killer my soul is ripped and torn got the black heart of texas I’ve got the devil’s horns cuz I’ve spent my life to bring you harm drank your blood to keep me warm moon was full when I was born I’m comin home, it won’t be long chorus: there’s a killer in texas a killer in texas there’s killer on the rails I’m a hell raisin outlaw out here stealin lives killed a man for starin by cuttin out his eyes cuz I started life in evil’s hands no way in hell I had a chance you glorify the deeds I did forgot about the soul I had to give train keeps on rollin my life is ever blowin like dust across the lone star state drink one more drink yeah to wash down our sins cuz nightfall has come and gone again I’m a cold-blooded killer I’m always on the run just look at me mother ain’t you proud of your son? cuz I’ve spent my life to bring you harm drank your blood to keep me warm moon was full when I was born I’m comin for you, it won’t be long
The Burning 05:05
never did hear what you say I don’t need it anyway never could see what you saw they wouldn’t suspect love at all now I’m on fire and you’re on your way like human candles lit to burn away midnight rises and here we are you scratch at my soul but I’m so far gone chorus: I don’t want no one I don’t need no one I take no lovers in my bad I don’t want no one I don’t need no one the flames of fire burn down to the end you may cry and you may beg spit on the flame that's in my head you may curse me I don’t care I’ll show you paradise I swear now I’m burning the cold you embrace we always take more than we gave like seas that eat their pieces of eight open, swallow, lock you away I am exploding I am consumed by the fire that I feel for you like a ghost without fame or fortune to love and to hold to cherish to torture
The Worm 04:05
belly up to the bar and give me shot of your best stuff cuz this dust in my throat is turning to brick make it some of that mexican mojo that you’ve got hidden there down below I can hear him callin I can hear him beg drink me like the water from this desert land I don’t need no chaser I don’t need no lime just tip the glass and let that motherf***er fly glass in one hand flesh in the other queen of the night on the day of the dead let’s raise the bottle and wager a boast who gets to have this heavenly host chorus: worm I look out across the bar’s hollow gut rafters climb the walls like rib bones sultry dancers move like cobras to the sounds of a skeleton band I can hear him whisper I can hear him call every poker player in this dirty hall he’s the garden viper he’s the mongrel’s teeth hair of the dog baby is all you need cards in one hand glass in the other drink up tomorrow we might be dead god’s little children howlin like ghosts come to wet their grave-thirsty throats remember the worm the promise he keeps bullfighters die and women weep break out the bottle and I’ll show you what I mean sell your soul for smoke and a drink place your little lips around the neck swallow the worm baby I’m your man
on a midnight train gonna leave tonight gonna roll right outta town like a thunder blast like a new year’s bash gonna make a demon sound on a violent urge just watch me purge all the track I’m wolfin down I’m outta control like the hot wind blow hear me fire another round chorus: well there ain’t shit you can do when I steam-roll right over you I’m huffin I’m puffin I’m stoppin for nothin you won’t stand in my way I’m on a midnight train I’m on a midnight train I’m on a midnight train my coal is black my heart is tempered steel gotta an iron lung and some time to burn with the motion of my wheels movin down the rail like a bat from hell my wings are open wide I’m a man possessed locomotive breath no stops tonight
Gunslinger 03:16
it was a lonely day in hell that I met you soul searching for the light of day I heard a voice in the devil's darkness I saw a grinnin bird of prey you cleared your leather and the rain came down they had it comin some would say chorus: gunslinger - the red sky is fallin gunslinger - the chains of your soul gunslinger - we all meet our maker you gunned those zombies down her eyes were two twin silver dollar moons they burned from heaven in your song she blew away just like a dirge in the desert you closed your eyes then she’s gone you begged the shadows please release her they just laughed and crawled away you’ll drift eternal til you find her the world has long since moved away you filled the grave with two dark angels for what they did they had to pay
a dusty hollow drifter was lyin in the bed there was dirty water at your feet an angel at your head there was devils on each side of you with bottles in their hands the master of the double irons would no doubt soon be dead it started with a dealer and a deck of fifty-one lone star beer, cuervo gold, two killers and their guns darkness was the witness it crept upon the town you crossed some f**kin stranger with horns beneath his crown no mortal could have beat you no fight you ever lost but now they'll take you from this place and stick you in a box at the death bed of jonah hex we'll kneel and say a prayer as the ghosts are rattling at the door and the devil’s in the chair you remember that foul evenin when you heard the banshees moan the lousy drunken bastards singin billy in the bowl they took you up to midnight mass and left you with a lurch you dropped a quarter on the plate and your blood it filled the church it must have been a bullet whose whose silver tip was honed shoot right down into the heart and shatter every bone at the death bed of jonah hex we'll kneel and say a prayer as the ghosts are rattling at the door and the devil’s in the chair up at the gates of heaven your voice it became a shout they wouldn't give you service so you kicked the f**kin windows out they shoved you back into the street they kicked you in the brains sent you away to hell where they said you should remain at the death bed of jonah hex we'll kneel and say a prayer
she came without a kiss blood stains upon her wrists so cold she said take me home her dress fell to the floor come close my virgin whore take it slow the darkness grows I am the nameless eternal pain prince I am the day’s forgotten one chorus: running from the sun morning flame it burns in her a price for love at every turn she said I think I’m dead now I take this dying bride on eternal nightwing ride she flies away from life I am the darkest lover’s secret I am the snake’s scarlet tongue I am your prince of pain soon I will be your everything thrust you inside out steal the words from in your mouth in darkness we are one hidden from the sun where we listen to them wail as I take you away from your yellow hell running from the sun


TALES FROM THE DEAD WEST was Ghoultown's first, full-length album release. The unique songwriting combines elements of rockabilly, goth and cowpunk with the influence of spaghetti western and horror films resulting in something like a mix between Nick Cave, The Misfits and western psychobilly.

The album has been out-of-print since 2007, but is finally available in digital format on Bandcamp!


released October 31, 2000


all rights reserved



Ghoultown Dallas, Texas

Since 1999, Ghoultown has delivered their unique brand of spaghetti-western infused rock across the musical badlands. Described as an “uncharted crossroads between Johnny Cash and Rob Zombie,” the Texas-based band defies conventional classification with a list of catchy, horror-influenced songs and a distinctive, dark western image to match. ... more

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