Bury Them Deep

by Ghoultown

Tekilla 03:25
Tekilla when the sun goes down and darkness comes around and we're ridin in from all points hellbound there's only one thing that can keep the world in order some of that honey of the earth fruit of the agava get set up to knock down cuz you know that's how we stalk the night chorus: tekilla in the morning you'll begin to feel it in every bone like rigor mortis in a poor old zombie's soul but right now we're comin onto high midnight so come on killers let those fuckin shots fly you feel it in every bone cuz you know that's how we stalk the night chorus when the lights go out and all the bars close their doors find your queen of the night and move it to the streets drink the last drop, yeah baby swallow the worm cuz life is short and by mornin we all burn you take it in every hole cuz you know that's how we stalk the night chorus
Blood On My Hands I got blood on my hands from all the years that come and go cleanin up the messes that I've made I just keep on washin but it never goes away the more I scrub the more it stays I got a pint from Carol Ann who left me for a friend never saw it comin nor did she the night I caught 'em in the sheets of that ol' feather bed lord did that scene get out of hand chorus: so I took an eye for an eye for what they did to me don't pray for my soul just give me soap cuz you know it's a bitch comin clean I got a quart from Laura Sue who went and took me for a fool but I sent her down to chainsaw school first you fill 'er up then you yank the cord and look out when the chain it starts to roar chorus I got the most from Katy Jo who left me down and broke after all the promises we pledged but when it comes right down to it love is just an axe it cuts you through the heart and leaves you dead chorus they say I need one more verse one verse for this song but I can't think of a single thing I'd like to add suffice to note that there ain't no hope when you're always in the red chances are that now I'll be condemned chorus
Mexican Moonshine like a bullet shattered darkness the southern witch appears to fill my head with thirst for the taste of just one tear the heat of blazing eyes burns my heart to coals she’s got me where she wants me one drink short of her soul my eyes trace the contours of the tattoos on her skin that lead within the confines of the glory born to men night after night I follow a slave to this thirst I pray that she will heal me as my face falls to the dirt yo soy, yo soy sangre de la luna ella canta she sings listen to the song she sings chorus: Mexican moonshine I’m servin out my sentence in this god forsaken place she circles my shadow but I never touch her face still she holds me in the web she has spun painting all her colors in my world devoid of sun yo soy, yo soy sangre de la luna lloró al Diablo she sings whoa she sings chorus
Bury Them Deep bury them deep that’s what I said time to play your dead man’s hand dealin bullets is like dealin cards when it all comes down to a draw wind in my face I feel the burn dust drinks the blood of their tears I say goodbye but it don’t mean much when shots ring like hits of a drum bury them deep that’s what I said lay your body down on the sand when it’s all said and done it’s just a price I work to earn it’s just a price I work to earn hot sun glares down on the street silence as deep as a Colorado gorge don’t care where you been or where you come from it’s just my job to be done wind in my face I love the burn dust drinks the blood of their tears I say goodbye but it don’t mean much when shots ring like hits of a drum bury them deep and they won’t back haunt your soul like they do mine this town crawls with beggers and thieves come to bite the hand that feeds
Revolución 03:58
Revolución I woke up this morning opened up my eyes decided to take hold of my life it’s been so long since I’ve seen an early dawn the sun is at my back and I’m alive here I come like an angry bull alive or dead I’m runnin for the red chorus: viva (stand up) revolución (ya) I shake my fists I shake my fists at the sun I got to my feet and started the day I’m moving on and I ain’t looking back cursed be those who try to hold me down tears of love won’t make me stay gotta face this change with an open-minded heart don’t let it take us all too far south I’ve come to fight there’s a new door up ahead if it ain’t open I’ll kick it down chorus when I play my song you hear the music from my soul round and round this mad world I go sometimes in this life there’s only one choice to make so join me now or get out of my way chorus
Texas Bound 03:26
Texas Bound I was born in a west texas gundown when the sun was sinkin low my mother she gave me her life there and my father had already left home nothing in life it come easy when you ain’t really got no one but there’s no place I rather be now than under the texas sun buried down among the worms of the grave I’ve been away too fuckin long hit the border come 1am drinkin beer and singin songs chorus: whoa oh oh I’m coming home texas bound put the pedal down texas bound it’s cold and lonely when you’re six feet down it ain’t no way to spend the day but now I’m back where I belong back in the lone star state chorus
Walkin’ Through the Desert (With a Crow) it was sunday mornin and I found myself alone walkin through the desert with a crow I took me a shovel and I dug myself a hole walkin through the desert with a crow at times I thought that I would die but I left those days somewhere behind there’s only so much a man can take before he knows he knows he’s gonna break cuz a man’s gotta take what he can take when he’s got one foot down in the grave you never know where the road is gonna end sometimes I think this bird this bird’s my only friend chorus: walkin through the desert with a crow I murdered my past life and I covered up its bones walkin through the desert with a crow I gathered my possessions and I hit a lonely road walkin through the desert with a crow there’s been nights I drank myself to sleep I lay my head on nails with bottles at my feet when I awoke I thought I was free but there he’d be that bird that follows me a man ain’t meant to be alone with demons scratching at his soul if I had wings I’d probably fly if I had tears I know I’d probably cry chorus


BURY THEM DEEP showcases Ghoultown's unique blend of furious cowpunk seasoned with spaghetti western and driving rock. Produced by Chris Telkes (Nocturne) and mastered by Sara Lee Lucas (Marilyn Manson) with cover art by Dan Brereton.


released June 25, 2006


all rights reserved



Ghoultown Dallas, Texas

Since 1999, Ghoultown has delivered their unique brand of spaghetti-western infused rock across the musical badlands. Described as an “uncharted crossroads between Johnny Cash and Rob Zombie,” the Texas-based band defies conventional classification with a list of catchy, horror-influenced songs and a distinctive, dark western image to match. ... more

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